By the mere age of 25, Avi Tubi is already considered one of Greek music's most refreshing discoveries. He was born in Israel, but lives and breathes the music and culture of Greece. Avi's connection to Greek music started at home - his father's family came from Thessaloniki, and since childhood the house has been frequented by Greek music and parties. Despite his youth, Avi Tubi already manages to fill the best music clubs, and in the course of his short career he has amassed many loyal fans.

In recent years, Avi has performed in taverns, Greek clubs, Greek weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvah etc... The show features all kinds of Greek music, from joyful songs to heavy Zeibekiko, and Avi's exceptionally powerful voice allows him to perform them all. Currently, Avi is working on a new album combining new materials with old classics. "The Greek audience in Israeli is classy, and connected to both new music and the old tunes they grew up with, so I listen to them and accommodate their requests."

"As one who lived in Greece and heard countless Greek singers, mostly local and some not, I was captivated by avi deep, penetrating voice. I fell in love with character and modesty that reminds me of the nature of the singers in Greece, I am certainly waiting impatiently for avi to come to Athens again"
Yanis Lapas
Musical producer, Athens
'' It is impossible not to be moved every time the deep colors of poetry, pleasant personality and modest and dignified appearance. Avi Tubi sing so beautiful and touching. Close your eyes and feel your soul "
Shulamit Sapir Nevo
Writer and poet
"Began to appear at the age of 13, became a star in Mykonos and has a perfect accent until the Greeks refuse to believe that he is an Israeli"
Yael Shani
Journalist, Yedioth Ahronoth, local news