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    Wedding ceremony

    A wedding is always an exciting event. It is a special and meaningful day that we celebrate with great grandeur. This is the day when the pair of lovers swear in the name of love. Every wedding has guests, kisses, dances and excellent dishes, as well as some alcohol that does good for the heart. But there is also one special moment, the moment for which the entire event takes place. This is the magical moment of entering the wedding canopy, the moment when the bride and groom march toward the canopy at the heartbeat

    The most exciting way to bring a bride and groom to the wedding canopy is with Avi Tobi’s musical accompaniment that excites the audience with music suited to the Mediterranean atmosphere of Israel. The music is loved by the Israeli audience from all ethnic groups and is very moving. Avi Tobi accompanies the bride and groom as they march towards the canopy in exciting tones, in Hebrew or Greek, and in the scent of the anise and the Mediterranean breeze. Between Avi Tobi’s repertoire of songs you can find all the familiar wedding songs in the most exciting performances, such as: Priestly Blessing, Come in Peace or any other wedding song you choose If the guests ate chicken or fish, at the end of the evening they would not remember; Emotion and atmosphere are the true memory that is burned in the hearts. The exciting songs at the entrance to the canopy are what you and your guests will remember about the wedding west.

    You deserve to celebrate the wedding in the most exciting way and there is no better way to do it than with an exciting accompaniment of a chuppah song with songs performed live. Excite the guests with the best wedding songs from the depths of our hearts as you march towards the canopy according to the religion of Moses. Imagine how the whole crowd stands on your feet as you walk towards the canopy to the sound of exciting and unforgettable music Bringing a bride and groom to the chuppah is a moment that you will wish to celebrate in a special way that will give him depth, emotion, enthusiasm and excitement, which will penetrate the bones and cause all the guests to shed a tear of excitement and rejoice in your joy. There is no more beautiful way than musical accompaniment, this is your canopy song. In the past it was customary to play dramatic music while the bride and groom were marching towards the canopy, but why settle for a recorded song

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