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    Singer for the event

    An event is a once in a lifetime thing but it is also one of the most complicated things there is in our lives. Imagine what you need to organize at an event and understand how complicated it is. But we must emphasize one thing when holding an event and that is the singer who will be at the event. You must understand that the better singer you invite, the higher level your event will be. Therefore, invite a professional and quality singer to the event and never compromise on this issue.

    Event Singer – Should we let the child decide who will be the singer at his bar mitzvah?

    There are many happy events in life like a wedding or sixtieth birthday but one of the biggest events in family life is a bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah. For both a bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah we need a singer for the event who will upgrade the event. Against this background the question arises whether to let the bar mitzvah boy choose the singer or whether the parents should choose the singer. Well, it depends on how you educate your children. If you believe in sharing then let him also decide who will be the singer at the event. If you do not believe in sharing decide for yourself who the singer will be at the event and always remember how much the singer affects the event and how much he upgrades the event to an unforgettable level.

    Haven’t you heard of Avi Tubi? That’s why you must hire his services

    Avi Tubi is, according to the experts, the number one wedding singer in the country today. Avi sings in the Greek style and his show is considered by many to be one of the best shows on the market today and all this at a normal price. Avi can perform at a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, brit, birthday and of course a wedding. Over the years Avi has performed at thousands of events and has done so with tremendous success. Do you want the best? Not ready to compromise? Do you want a memorable event? You only have one and one only destination – Avi Tubi, the leading singer in Israel in the field of events, whose every performance is unforgettable and every performance upgrades your event on several levels to new heights.

    Pick up your event with a Greek singer

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