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    Greek-Israeli singer

    If you are before an event you probably know that there are...

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    Greek singer for events

    An event is the happiest thing in life because it happens once...

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    Greek music for events

    An event is something that happens once in a lifetime and that...

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    Entrance to the Chuppa singer

    Memories are probably a most important thing, especially if we are talking...

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    Singer for the event

    An event is a once in a lifetime thing but it is...

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    Chuppa singer

    A wedding is an amazing event if it is conducted properly. For...

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    Pick up your event with a Greek singer

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      Events and shows

      Avi Tovi is a Greek-Israeli singer who performs in a wide variety...

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      The manner of the show

      The show of Avi and his band is a unique Greek show...

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      The musicians who accompany Avi in his performance are first-rate and leading...

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